Rivonia Group congratulates Jan Langa

The Rivonia Group congratulates Jan Langa on his induction into the Mail & Guardian’s 2023 class of 200 Young South Africans.

As the Mail & Guardian notes, Jan is “a brilliant legal mind who has appeared in the courts on matters of public interest and matters which have warranted being recorded as reportable”.  The Rivonia Group cannot agree more.

Jan is also a proud South African committed to transformative constitutionalism.  The core idea of this broad concept of transformative constitutionalism being that we as a country, industry and as professions, respectively, must change in a democratic, participatory and egalitarian direction.

As Jan says:

“I would like to see more accountability and a leadership that is not afraid to lead and is proud to be South African.  There is a lot of good work that has been done over the years but in the same breath, I think as a nation we have lost our pride.  We have the tools to be a great nation such as the Constitution and other legislation.  What we lack is the political willpower to shun mediocrity and kill the biggest cancer we face as a nation, corruption.  I would like to see the spirit of pride in being a South African revived and our people living a better quality life with better access to basic needs such as healthcare, education, transport, electricity and ablution facilities.  I would also like to see more young people and women at the helm of organisations and institutions, moreover that they are supported to drive our great nation forward.”

The Rivonia Group is proud of Jan and all our junior members who continue to fly the Rivonia flag high.