The Rivonia Group congratulates its newly qualified arbitrators

The Rivonia Group of Advocates congratulates Ciska Bezuidenhout, Esbie Venter and Chantelle Humphries for qualifying as arbitrators with the Association of Arbitrators of Southern Africa (“the Association”) during 2021.

Ciska Bezuidenhout completed the Association’s Fellowship Admission Course whilst Esbie Venter and Chantelle Humphries completed the Accelerated Route to Fellowship course.  

These members are qualified by the Association to act as arbitrators, are eligible for appointment as arbitrators by the Association and qualify as Fellows of the Association. 

They also join the ranks of the Group’s members who completed the Association’s courses (most recently Paul Strathern SC and Nicky Strathern who both became fellows of the Association during 2020) and who are regularly appointed as arbitrators.

A full list of the Group’s members who accept appointment as arbitrators can be found on the Group’s website.  

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